Free tutoring available at Pierce

Pierce College has been offering free tutoring for over 30 years and yet students still don’t know about it.

“Students are missing out on a huge advantage being offered to them in the form of free math and English tutoring,” said Supervisor of Math Tutoring Herach Safarian.

The Center for Academic Success offers English, math, and chemistry tutoring.  Both English and chemistry  are offered in Village 8401 and math tutoring is offered in Village 8402.

English and chemistry tutoring is by appointment and math tutoring is on a walk-in basis.

Ramsin Eyvaz, who grew up in Iran, thinks the tutoring offered is amazing.

“We didn’t have anything like it available [in Iran],” said Eyvaz, who is coming upon his third semester as a tutor.

Tutors don’t get credit for tutoring, but they do get paid.  Those interested need to meet certain requirements and go in to formal training before they are allowed to tutor students.

Safarian believes that the student tutors are less intimidating.

“It is tutoring for students, provided by students,” he said.

Gustavo Tepetla started attending tutoring sessions soon after he first came to Pierce.  He has been tutored for two years now.

“Since I have been coming to tutoring I have been on the Dean’s Honor Roll every year,” said Tepetla.

Jorge Gallegos, a four-year Pierce student, has been going to the Center for Tutoring for two years.

“It really helps,” said Gallegos.

One of the tips given at the Tutoring Center is to get help before becoming panicked.

“We want to create independent learners, not dependent learners,” said Kathleen Boddicker, the director of the Learning Center.

Workshops, in addition to tutoring, are offered. The workshops are available after 4 p.m. in Village 8407. Topics discussed include academic anxiety, English as a Second Language (ESL), speed reading and vocabulary.

“Our philosophy is that everyone should benefit from the resources we offer,” said Boddicker.

To make an appointment with an English and/or chemistry tutor, call (818) 719-6414.

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