Work-study program in demand

Thousands of students at Pierce College usually want to work on campus when a semester starts but only some of them can get this opportunity each semester.

There are two sources available in the college that help students to work. One of them is the federal work-studyprogram and the other one is the campus budget.

 The students who want to use the federal work- study need to fill out their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form between Jan. 1st and March 2nd of each year and indicate that they would like work- study program.

“[The] federal work- study program is a limited funding program,” said Financial Aid Director Anafe Robinson, who is in charge with the work- study program.

Around 60 to 70 students work under this program this semester.

“It is a good program. It gives students experience and specialty in their fields.” Robinson said.

In order to qualify for the program each student has to have at least six units at Pierce and meet all eligibility guidelines and requirements. 

There are all kinds of assisting  jobs available like answering the phone or customer service.

“I spoke with one of the ladies here, and she gave me the information how to apply,” said Shakiyah Bowman, 22, who is working 20 hours weekly for the first time in the information desk at the Student Service building. “I do a lot of volunteering. I think thats how I was able to do this job. I love it.”

Each department at Pierce cannot get more than three students from the work-study program. However, there is another way that students can work at Pierce according to Robinson.

Each department can hire students with their own budgets. Aleli Paez, 23, who works 40 hours weekly at the Freudian Sip,  was hired by this department in 2007.

“ I just came up and filled out the application and turned it in,” said Paez. “like any other student my schedule fit with their schedule.”

There are currently no more positions available in the work-study program at this time according to Robinson.

Pierce College students who are interested to work may be referred to the Job Placement Center by the Financial Aid office to get help with finding a  job, or they can participate at the job fair that is hosted each August at the Mall area at Pierce College.

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