Books vanishing from library to prepare for new building

There will be less hard copy books available in the new campus library due to fewer shelves for books according to Librarian Paula Paggi.

Currently the library has 100,000 books. The new library it will have 80,000. There will be more e-books than there are currently, which is 17,000 according to Paggi

They will be clearing out all outdated book that are no longer being used in classrooms. And they will be acquiring new hard copies according to Paggi.

There are some students who don’t like the library getting rid of books or even moving to a new place.

Javier Ramirez, 21, major in Performing Arts, said, “They should buy new shelves,” since they are spending so much money in the new library.

Ramirez also wants the library to be kept where it is, with repairs made.

Ricardo Reynoso, 18, major in Law, said that the school should just remodel the current library instead of moving it into another building.

He does like the idea of having more computers in the library, since there are long lines of people waiting for the computers.

There will be 100 computers in the lab and a classroom full of computers for classes and presentations according to Paggi.

The library will continue to have book sales and offer free books.

On Fridays you can get unlimited free books even the ones that are offered for sale. Before you could only have 10 books for free.

They are doing this so they can get rid of the books that are outdated and that people don’t use.

The magazines are ten cents, paper bag books are 25 cents, and hard cover books are 50 cents.

The new library should be ready for next Fall semester. It will be located above the food court in the new building that is being created near Parking Lot 7 according to Paggi.

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