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Letter to the Editor

2.0 GPA!  I believe this is what is keeping the competent students (3.0 and above) to come forward and represent the ASO.  Low entry requirements mean low standards.  A student who has “maintained” 2.0 GPA is barely capable managing his or her own schoolwork.  If these students join the ASO, it is most likely for the reason that they need to add it to their application, and not for the reason of the betterment of the campus or the student body.  In your editorial you mention, “Having a genuine interest in becoming a student leader wouldn’t hurt either.”  This statement sounds like the college is literally “begging” students to come forth, in which case we have a fundamental problem.  Where are the students from the list of students who make it to the Dean’s list every semester? Is it the ASO’s reputation?
If we are interested in bringing forth change, then it must start with the standards being revised; dedication, competence, and scholarly achievements must be given importance.  The “drivers of the vehicle provided by the ASO” must be above the rest of the student population in terms of their achievements and certainly not below.
Every semester I have witnessed students standing at every nook and corner of the campus asking for endorsement to become a senator.  When asked their goal for the student body, most do not even know what ASO stands for; leave alone their role as a senator.
Professors and peer recommendation is another way to pick out the best apples from the basket and   increasing the GPA requirements will motivate the competent students to consider this as worth their time.
Lowering the standards only creates further problems and does not help solving it.  We have a nationwide problem of low standards right now especially in the academic field.  Let us aim to improve this.  Let us together help students learn to earn success and not pursue “just getting by.”


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