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The great Halloween feast


Dressed as the Great Pumpkin from Charlie Brown the president of the Four Corners Co-Op hung colored foil pumpkins, to help decorate the ceiling of the Great Hall for the Halloween Feast.

Headstones and student art on the walls transformed the Great Hall into a party, complete with costume wearing students celebrating the haunted holiday.

Sharon Morgan, Vice President of the French Club, was Captain Picard from Star Trek, for the day.  She sat under spider streamers while eating her festive food.

The French Club hosted the costume contest while the event itself was a combined effort for the Ars Poetica Club and the Four Corners Co-Op.

Laughter and chatter filled the air while music played and decorations swayed.

Geoffrey Gonzalez from Ars Poetica, the club formed to celebrate the joy of creating expressive art, was in the corner practicing his guitar in front of  ghost decorations.

“It’s Halloween and we are in the spirit,” Geoffrey said, “We are also trying to get our club’s name out there, since we are a new club.”

Reyes Macarena, a freshman and employee at the Freudian Sip, showed up early when the feast was starting.

“The food is good, it’s kind of slow right now but it always gets better,” he said referring to the small but growing number of students.



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