Students blocked from enrolling in more than 18 units

Students will no longer be able to take more than 18 units while attending colleges in the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD), according to Marco De La Garza, Dean of Student Services.


Prior to this, students were forbidden from enrolling in more than 18 units at a particular college without permission, but there was no system to keep them from enrolling in more units at a different LACCD college.


This loophole has now been closed.


Students wanting to take more than 18 units must fill out a form, available from the Pierce website, and then obtain permission from the Counseling Office.


“If you want to take that extra unit and you have a 2.0, it might not be such a good idea,” said De La Garza.


The move came in response to the over enrollment of students who then never showed up for classes thereby causing difficulty for other students, their professors and the administration.


“That’s one more spot that’s not being reserved,” said De La Garza.