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Too many W’s – Pro


Dropped a class the first time you’ve  taken it? That is absolutely fine.

Life happens, right? Work comes up, family needs you, you realize you took too much on yourself. It’s more than reasonable to decide to drop a class.

Dropped a class the second time you ‘ve taken it? Okay, someone didn’t do his calculations right.

At this point, I hope that you either realize that this subject isn’t for you, or that you need specific conditions, such as taking less units, if you ever decide to actually finish this class.

Now, you decided to sign up for the same class again, and dropped it

for the third time? That is simply irresponsible.

What logical reason could one have to drop the same class three times?

A student that withdraws from the same class three different times should not be allowed to take this class again.

Motivation and persistency hold a great part in one’s success in

school. It’s no wonder that those who work hard are later accepted by prestigious universities.

A Pierce student can normally drop a class with no consequences up to two weeks after the beginning of a semester.

Thus, if one’s transcript shows two W’s for the same class before they sign up for it for the third time, it means that they have already taken the class for long enough twice to know what they are getting themselves into.

Also, what about the hundreds of students attempting to “crash” courses every semester?

You know, the ones who continue to show up even two weeks after the semester begins in hope of acquiring the units they need to transfer.

Those who continue to sign up for classes and then withdraw from them prevent these “crashers” from taking the classes they need.

For the sake of the students themselves, and for those who are trying to get through community college, it is crucial to spot the students who think finishing an entire course is an option, and forbid them from registration for classes that they will most likely drop.


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