Pierce should return the ITAP program

How long do you usually waste your time to find a parking place at the Pierce? How many times have you come to Pierce to park your car and couldn’t find a spot? How many times have you reached your class late because you had to park so far?

One of the biggest problems that students deal with each semester is parking.

Durning Spring 2009, Pierce College offered the I-TAP program (Transit Access Pass) as a low-cost transit pass that allowed students with 12 units or more to purchase Metro passes for six months for $15. The I-TAP pass was good for the Metro bus, Metro Rapid and Metro rail. It encouraged students to use public transportation for a low price to travel to school and around town.

It was a useful decision to decrease the traffic and help students reach the school.

Some students, who used Metro before, were able to save money, and some other students, who used their cars to come to school, were encouraged to use the Metro. They did not need to think about traffic or gas or waste their time finding a parking space.

This program had some educational aspects, too. It taught students to use public transportation for making a healthier environment and helped to decrease traffic, especially during rush hour. The  I-TAP program also helped students think more wisely about using their money.

Traffic at school was more tolerable during that time.

One of the important things about education in America is that anyone, regardless of age, may return to school and they can use financial aid and grants to step toward their goals without worrying.

During this year’s spring semester the I-TAP program was offered with a small cost increase to $20.  For Fall however, Pierce  did not offer this program.

The I-TAP program not only helped school traffic, but with increased unit expenses this semester it could be a glimpse of hope for some students in this economy.

All students need to work together and be united, if they want to have a better community and a better future.

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