Research paper workshop hosted in library

When it comes to writing a research paper,many people find the hardest part is finding the right topic.

In many higher education classes, students are asked to write a research essay; so it’s important that students are able to choose, narrow and organize research topics as well as give the correct accreditation when it comes to writing papers.

Wednesday, Nov 16, there was a YIKES: My Final Paper is Due workshop hosted in Library Lab A at Pierce College.

The workshop took place for the purpose of giving students the opportunity learn how to become a better researcher.

Students learned how to brainstorm research topics and themes, how to find legitimate scholarly academic sources and the proper methods of citations.

The workshop was hosted by librarian Paula Paggi, who spent an hour giving students the right tools to use when writing a paper.

“Students tend to put their papers off until the last minute of the semester when they don’t know how to start a paper or how to go about it, so I thought it was important to give them some ways to attack research, how to find information and how to put it together,” said Paggi.

The workshop also explained the difference between becoming a good writer and being a good researcher.

“This particular workshop isn’t here to help with their writing, but to help them become a researcher which means to understand, broaden and narrow a topic, how search terms go together and where to go for that information while researching,” said Paggi.

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