Why so much money?


Cartoon: Maria Salvador


Class has ended and for some students it means an hour between classes, so why not take that hour to grab some lunch?


Well if you like “overpriced” food then the Freudian Sip is the choice for you to get your food here on campus.

Of course the Sip where they charge you $4.50 for a turkey and Swiss cheese sandwich and not one of those foot long kind of sandwiches, but your regular turkey and Swiss cheese on regular cold bread kind of sandwich.


Oh but the outrageous prices just don’t stop with the sandwiches; it spills onto the salads and for their so called “sushi” with imitation crab which they also charge $4.50.


Apparently the Sip hasn’t gotten the memo that we are in a recession and so they believe students can afford to pay such outrageous prices for a prison style kind of sandwich.


But they know that some students have an hour before class begins and sometimes students give in to their unreasonable prices because they don’t have the time to leave campus to get something to eat.

Nevertheless, students could head over to one of the food trucks stationed around the campus and get lunch for a reasonable price, but let’s be honest the food trucks are a short-term solution because Pierce College has no cafeteria right now.


On the other hand, the Sip is here to stay with their outrageous prices on their food, so not even the threat of competing against the food trucks has scared them into lowering their prices on some of their products.


The Sip needs to help by giving students food at a reasonable price because most of the time students are on a budget and don’t want to spend nearly five dollars on a sandwich or salad.


Also, sometimes eating from food trucks students need to approach that with caution because of the mystery of what goes in and comes out of those food trucks.


But sadly sometimes students a aren’t concern about health reasons because they are thinking with their wallet and their stomach.


So we ask can the Sip look at their menu and ask themselves would they pay for some of their food products at the prices they are charging?


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