Top 7 places to study at Pierce College

With the student body already concerning about finals week this semester and the enormous amount of stress that could bring to them with big tests which sometimes could cover the whole entire semester or maybe just the last part the instructor taught. Final projects such as big investigative or research papers are not only the last ways for students to bump up those grades but a measure for professors to see how well prepared his or her students are in order to advance to the next level. Taking finals week in consideration, here are the top 7 places to study inside the 426-acre Pierce College campus.


7. The Sip: Even though The Sip has a few computers and tables for students to work on, these are rarely available during finals. As every student looks for a place where they can sit and have a cup of coffee or a quick refreshment while studying, others could find studying overrated and have a conversation about their weekend drunkenness instead of using their time wisely and not waste others’.


6. Tutoring Centers: Right before and even on finals week, students run into these places on campus to get a last minute help in their courses before they embark on the odyssey that a final exam could represent. They are constantly asking questions and being helped because of it, resulting in a distraction to other student who might be just reading.


5. The Library: This place in a college campus should be the sanctuary for students to go to in order to get their work done without being distracted in ay way. Unfortunately at Pierce, the Library isn’t so much sanctuary-like. Yes there is a whole lot of semi-private desks in there so students can find their spots and do what they’re supposed to do best which is to study but with the most number of computers than any other part on campus, the Library will be packed all the time, making it difficult for students, who are there only to read, to pay attention to whatever they’re studying with a constant click click click from the computers in their heads.


4. Rocky Young Park: Located near the Victory Blvd parking lot, this park is spacious and has open room for students to locate a spot on some of the benches it has or just simply under a tree. It’s an area with not a lot a student traffic where people can actually go and read but if you get distracted easily it could be a little difficult to maintain concentration with people walking up and down The Mall the whole time.


3. Your Car/ Parking Lots: Everyone’s car is great way to isolate yourself from the Pierce College crowd. Although the car is reliable, there are places where students could park their cars to be far from the Victory Blvd parking lot per say due to heavy congestion, student traffic, and a lot of noise which makes this parking lot the most difficult of them all. There are several other options though, like the almost always empty parking lots near the farm. These is usually no one around with loud music or making so much noise that you wouldn’t be able to concentrate.


2. Stairs to the Art Hill: Who hasn’t been up those stairs. Although there could be a lot of student traffic while going from class to class, right when class starts this place becomes one of the most quiet places on campus. It’s perfect, the view, the quietness and level of concentration a student could reach there are invaluable in order to read and learn the material.


1. (the best) Empty Classrooms: Yes, students can go in an empty classroom, where there is actually no class going on at the moment, and start studying with actually no one around you. The best way to study is while being on campus because everything that the student learned is fresh and students feel the need to study while on campus, not so when they’re outside

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