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Fall 2011 in review

The sizzling September sun that lazily loomed over Pierce College is a faint memory as the end of the fall semester draws near.

Now facing the wintry cold, it is astonishing to think about the time that has passed since all the classes were packed beyond capacity with students eager to crash.

Halls and corridors congested by construction had to be navigated quickly and concisely to keep schedule. Coming up on a decent parking spot was a blessing-and-a-half.

With events such as Club Rush – held Sept. 27 and 28 – that inhabited the Mall and the Oct. 13 club carnival that made a festive spectacle of our normally tranquil Rocky Young Park, it is easy to say that Brahmas are active.

This semester there were over 50 clubs chartered by the Associated Student Organization (ASO), putting the “unity” back in “community college.”

Campus club Ars Poetica organized the Halloween Feast on Oct. 31 that treated tricksters to an afternoon of live student performances, including a dance number by the Performing Arts club as well as a costume contest and free food.

ASO’s Social Cultural Committee hosted an event in the Great Hall, called Travel Through Unity on Nov. 17, which included two guest speakers that provided tips for traveling on a budget.

The most memorable event of the semester was the “Where’s The Funding?” (WTF?) rally organized by the ASO and Students Organizing for Success (S.O.S.) against budget cuts and fee increases.

Though the Oct. 26 rally was not as epic as anticipated, with a turnout of roughly 150 participants, it was a good effort by students to gain recognition and spread awareness.

ASO has seen a tough semester; with tons of decisions to make and the mid-semester resignation of their president, Gabriel Mellibosky, it hasn’t been easy.

Because of this unexpected resignation, Febe Ruiz, Mellibosky’s vice president, had to step up and take on the presidency role. Meanwhile, ASO Senator Shane Mooney took on the vice presidency position.

There were only eleven senators this semester in addition to the 5 members of the executive staff, leaving the student-run government with 16 members to make the decisions for over 20,000 students.

On the field, Pierce’s football team has encountered numerous defeats, but with the impressive 47-17 victory over our cross-town rivals from Los Angeles Valley College for the Victory Bell, you’re going to want to be sure to keep an eye on them next season.

And if you haven’t heard about our women’s volleyball team, they’re unstoppable. They finished an undefeated season with a win at the state championships, making it their second year in a row as victors.

With just a few days before finals we are left with only the determined and diligent, the over-caffeinated and sleep deprived.

It’s almost over folks, so study hard for those finals and if you haven’t registered for Spring 2012 you should probably do that.

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