Man arrested on suspicion of assault

Pierce College Sheriffs arrested a Pierce student Thursday on suspicion of assaulting a police officer and disturbing the peace.


Senior Lead Sheriff’s Deputy Ron Nohles and Field Staff Sergeant Walker arrested the unidentified man after confronting him Tuesday at the Freudian Sip, according to Nohles.


The man was asked to show his I.D. to officers. The man unwillingly showed the officers his California I.D., but when they ran his I.D. through the system, it did not show he was a student, said Nohles.


On Thursday the officers asked him for his I.D. again and he refused to show it to them, officials said.


After repeated attempts to get his I.D., the man began yelling, screaming and shouting profanities and started causing a disturbance.


Based on his actions, the officers began a cursory search for weapons. The officers did not find anything from this search, Nohles said.


The man started to fight the officers who tried to handcuff him. He started swinging his arms at the officers and was eventually handcuffed and put into the police car, according to Nohles.


Because of the physical nature of the incident, officers had to call in Walker to make sure there was no excessive use of force.


After all this, officers found out that the man was indeed a Pierce student.


The officers refused to release the man’s name.


“That’s what kills me. All he had to do was show his I.D., and none of this would have happened,” Nohles said. “But I have to take care of business.”



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