Pierce reacts to Virginia Tech shooting

The recent campus shooting at Virginia Tech has increased concerns regarding college campus security nationwide and here at Pierce.


Thursday morning a police officer was shot and killed while conducting a routine traffic stop, by an unidentified person who entered a parking lot at the Virginia Tech campus, according to the LA Times.


The shooter was later found dead a quarter mile from the shooting, according to the LATimes.


The university alerted students to the shooting in a campus wide alert and described the suspect as a white male wearing gray sweat pants, a grey hat, a maroon hoodie and a backpack, according to the LA Times.


Virginia Tech has since stepped down from alert status.


Although gun crimes on Los Angeles Community College campuses are almost unknown there is a plan in place to react to an active shooter, according to Sheriff’s Deputy Ron Nohles.


“The Sheriff’s Department is pretty progressive in how they prepare for an active shooter,” said Nohles. “The Sheriff’s have been at the forefront in the nation in training.”


The Sheriffs train at least three times a year to prepare for a campus shooter.


In the event of an active shooter situation occurring on campus outside law enforcement would send backup units to help secure the campus, according to Nohles.


Despite recent school shootings across the nation many Pierce students, including Carlin Schrier, feel safe on campus.


“Safety is always a concern, but I chose to go here because I do feel safe,” said Schrier.


The college is required by law to notify students and faculty in the event


The Roundup is waiting for a return phone call from Paul Nieman who hosted an active shooter workshop earlier in the semester.