Letter to the editor

Anyone who has been following the news for the past ten years would probably come to the conclusion that our present form of government in Washington is a failure.

We the people are being led by the influences of greed, anger, and selfishness. The sad this is… we have chosen these people in the voting process.

We’ve voted for millionaires, lawyers, voices of special interest groups….etc.

In our present system only millionaires or those who are backed by millionaires can afford to run for office.

Once elected, their main goal is to get re-elected.

The end result is government of the millionaires, by the lawyers, for the special interest groups.

Government of the people, by the people, for the people doesn’t exist anymore. It won’t happen unless our representatives are made up of those from all walks of life.

How about this…. Pattern the choosing of our national representatives after our jury selection system. From a list of registered voters, we could gradually replace our house and senate with a random selection of possibly three people from each state forming one body.

Staggered terms of 2-5 years would give a gradual flow of incoming and outgoing representatives. Our chosen jury reps. could be paid the same as our current members….with no pensions necessary.

Those chosen would have to be guaranteed their present employment upon completion of their term.

We might end up with a mix of carpenters, plumbers, teachers, doctors, unemployed, the rich, the poor, youth, or elders.

If needed a law firm could be put on retention. When not in session our jury reps. could be required to spend time in listening sessions at home to find out the wants and needs of people.

Campaign funding and irritating phone calls would become a memory.

To make this happen we would need a national referendum. I’m sure there are government “experts” who would say this is a stupid idea.

Our present system laces too much emphasis on competition between groups. It’s the blue ties against the red ties.

Competition is ok at sporting events, but we need cooperation to get things done.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just see on group wearing red, white and blue ties working together… a government of the people, by the people, for the people. Just a small seed planted here, how can we make it grow?


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