Campus in need of plumbers

Lack of plumbers mahwah nj and insufficient gardening are causing dead grass areas on campus.

The irrigation system at Rocky Young Park by the Center for Sciences Building has been broken for more than two weeks, said Donald Sparks, representative of the school’s Ground and Landscape Task Force.

“The campus only has two plumbers that seem to be overwhelmed with everything else they have to do,” said Sparks

Sparks and the rest of the Ground and Landscape Task Force have made a recommendation to the school’s administration to hire more plumbers and begin to take care of irrigation systems throughout campus as quickly as possible. The school also need their toilet systems fixing too, since this is causing many problems. It’s nothing that a commercial plumbing contractors kansas city company can’t fix though!

The Ground and Landscape Task Force, which began its operation about two weeks ago, plans on making sure that grounds and landscape at Pierce are maintained properly.

“Huge sections of grass and plants on campus are practically dead,” said Sparks at a Pierce College Council meeting Thursday.

There are 16 gardeners hired by Pierce who should make up for problems with irrigation systems, said Sparks.

“We don’t see [the farmers] very often,” said Sparks. “We wonder, where are they? What are they doing?”

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