Parking Lot 1 blocked during rush hour

Officers will continue to block the entrance to Parking Lot 1 during morning rush hour until the end of next week.


Traffic personnel have been blocking the entrance to the parking lot from student’s cars from about 9-11:30 a.m. every day this week due to lack of parking spots.


“Even if there are a few empty spots, we can’t open the lot before we get a notice from the [sheriff’s] station,” said Officer Diego Ruvira. “Those are the rules.”


At the end of the second week of school the traffic personnel will be gone, and the lot will be continuously open for cars to drive in and out.


Until then, the only cars that are allowed into the parking lot during the morning rush hours are those that belong to faculty members.


“If we don’t close the lot, there’s going to be a traffic jam that’ll block the whole entrance to the school,” said Ruvira


Ruvira, who directs traffic next to lot one daily, advises students to plan ahead and show up to class early to find parking during the first weeks of school.


“Plan on it being busy here, so that you save yourself the stress,” said Officer V. Orellana, Ruvira’s partner in directing the traffic.


“I just want this whole two-first-weeks-of-school-traffic to be over,” said Pierce Student Nicole Levine. “That way, I can have my freedom to choose where I want to park, and not be told where to park.”





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