Club Rush starts at the Great Hall

The music was pumping from the Street Dance Club Booth, and students were laughing, eating baked goods, and talking to club members and club presidents in the Great Hall Tuesday Feb. 28 for Club Rush.


Club Rush is an event hosted each semester for clubs to promote their cause, fundraise and gain members who are interested.


“This is the best Club Rush I’ve seen,” ASO President Shane Mooney said as he looked around the Great Hall, still packed with students when the event was coming to its end.


Sharon Morgan, a member of the French Club agreed.


“It’s really well organized this semester,” she said. “The booths are set up ready for you to decorate and it is much busier.”


With the smiling faces and discussions, a sense of a bonded community of students at Pierce showcased itself.


ASO provided free coffee.Popcorn was sold, and the clubs provided cupcakes, brownies and cookies.


The new club, Yummy for Your Tummy, had healthy food options such as asparagus, fruit skewers and pineapple juice.


Antoinette Mannie, president of Yummy for Your Tummy spoke of preparing for Club Rush.


“It is hard work, but as long as you have people that are really passionate about it, then it seems like everything sort of works together,” she said.


Asia Ghaci, the Events Planner for Yummy for Your Tummy explained about the new club.


“We have a lot of dedicated people here, and we want students to become more aware of their nutrition and health,” Ghaci said.


The Gamers Club filled a corner of the Great Hall with gamers playing games. Members and future members alike stood and cheered or yelled out advice.


The Street Dance Club played music, and hosted an impromptu dance party in front of their booth, hopefully inspiring students to sign up or just join in and dance.


Dajonique Howard, president of the Gay Straight Alliance Club was there with some of the club’s members having a bake sale to raise money for the club.


The club members decided to have a bake sale, and baked or brought the goods themselves.


“We informed our members and they helped us out a lot,” Howard said.


The event will continue tomorrow starting at 10 a.m. in the Great Hall.

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