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Baseball team beats Glendale College to end two-game losing streak

It was a tied 4-4.


The bottom of the ninth inning, with a man on second and runner on first, it was all up Cody DeSpain, outfielder for the Brahmas.


The next few minutes would decide if the Brahmas would end a two-game losing streak and beat the Glendale College Vaqueros.


“I hit it over the third baseman’s head and got it done,” DeSpain said.


That is all it took for Pierce infielder Matt Sanchez to score the winning run, making the final score of 5-4 March 13.


This was the Brahmas’ second conference win, making their record 2-3.


The Brahmas were facing a worthy opponent.


The Vaqueros had won their last six games, most recently against West Los Angeles College with an impressive score of 18-1.


However, Vaqueros head coach Chris Cicuto puts all those games in the past.


“The only thing that matters to us today is pitch number one,” Cicuto said.


Brahmas head coach John Bushart also put his team’s last game, where the team lost 19-24 against College of the Canyons, behind him.


“It’s a different game, what’s done is done. We have to focus on Glendale,” Bushart said.


Nick Murphy, an outfielder for the Brahmas, felt some pressure before the game.


“This week is the most important week for us right now, we cant lose this game,” Murphy said.


The Brahmas stuck first with Fernando Gallegos, Nick Murphy, and Joe Franiak, scoring in the bottom of the third.


The Vaqueros quickly responded, scoring two runs in the top of the fourth.


Both teams fought hard, never letting the other team get too comfortable.


For Sanchez, it all came down to one hit.


“The first hit in the ninth got us started, that kind of just woke us up, got us going and after that, I felt like we had the game,” Sanchez said.


The Brahmas have started 6 a.m. practice over the last few weeks and it seems to be paying off.


For a full schedule of the Brahmas upcoming games visit: http://info.piercecollege.edu/departments/athletics/baseball.html and for a full break down of statistics visit: http://cccbca.com/landing/index


Monica Velasquez
Features Editor Fall 2012

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