Bill to determine future of health fee

A trailer bill will soon be voted on that, if passed, would allow community college students to choose whether the health fee they currently pay should be mandatory or not.


Beth Benne, director of the Student Health Center, brought attention to the bill during Monday’s Academic Senate meeting.


“This bill is of critical importance to the general survivability of community college health services,” she said.


Health centers provide students physical exams, sessions for psychological problems, and much more either for free or for very cheap. However, Benne believes that most students don’t understand the extent of the health care offered at the health centers.


As a result, she fears that students would vote to make the health fee optional in order to save money.


“We’re all Californians and we’re all bankrupt,” she said.


As the director of the Student Health Center, Benne knows how the bill would affect students who use her services.


“It’s truly the best thing I have ever done as a nurse,” she said.


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