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Food trucks satiate students’ hunger while food court is under construction

Since construction of the campus food court has been put on an indefinite hold, students are limited to whatever food trucks are parked on campus, snacks from the bookstore, or the Freudian Sip for a quick and easy bite to eat.


Planning what to eat for a busy day on campus can be made even more difficult when certain food trucks are not always parked in the same location, or not on campus at all on some days. If you are a driver of a food truck, looking into something like wagon insurance, which can help cover you and your vehicle while on the road would be essential. It will make the kids’ choice on what to eat a little easier.


According to Associate Vice President Larry Kraus, all food trucks on campus are under short-term contracts that can be terminated within three days by the school or the owner of the trucks with or without cause.


Some trucks that were on campus last semester might not be present now because the owners felt like they weren’t generating a high enough revenue after their overhead costs which includes a $50 fee to park and serve food on campus.


“We also try to move things around a little bit and experiment,” Kraus said.


Due to a change in ownership, students may have noticed the popular T’s Hot Sauce truck, which was on campus in 2011, was nowhere to be found in the beginning of this spring semester.


T’s Hot Sauce Truck, now “R’ Hot Sauce Truck,” continues to serve a variety of tacos, salads, sandwiches, and hot dogs, along with other options on its growing menu.


Although the location of the truck has been unstable, having moved from the Mall to the front of the South Gym, the new owner Rafael DeLaFuente said that he hopes to stay in front of the South Gym.


“I’m trying to stay for as much as I can until they tell me, ‘You have to go,’” DeLaFuente said. “I’m very happy here, and the kids are happy with the food because everything we make, we make it fresh.”


When taking walking time, and time spent waiting in line for food into account, those precious minutes can add up for a student in between classes or with other campus priorities.


Unfortunately there is no set guideline for where the trucks must be parked at all times, so finding a food truck that will satisfy a hungry student’s craving can sometimes be like a game of roulette.


Student Randall Wall orders from the food trucks almost everyday he comes to campus.


“As soon as you get out of class you need something to eat,” Wall said. “I eat here because you can’t get fresh food from McDonalds and after they closed down the cafeteria it put a damper on people who play sports because some people are on campus all day.”


Students who have a hankering for a particular food truck that is not available on campus may always send suggestions to the administrative services.


But, when it comes to bringing more popular L.A. food trucks on campus, Kraus said, “We’ve tried calling them and they don’t respond.”


Another new food truck option on campus is the Casablanca food truck that serves Moroccan cuisine as well as breakfast burritos and hamburgers.


“We get a lot of customers that come everyday and they are always excited about the quantities of food they get,” said owner Karim Snoussi. “We do plan on staying for the rest of the semester and next year as well.”


The proposed 10,000 square foot food court will have five different dining options and will seat up to 300 people in its indoor and outdoor space.


Students that are a fan of the current food court will have plenty of time to continue eating what they have to offer. The current trucks that the campus offers are: T’s Hot Sauce, Tata’s Catering, Hot Coffee Catering, Larry’s Hot Lunch and Valentino’s New York Pizza.


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