Meet the new ASO club council president

With the Fall semester comes new adventures and new friends.


For Antoinette Mannie, 25, next semester also comes with a new Associated Students Organization title.


After running unopposed, Mannie became the new club council president when 435 students agreed and 52 opposed to her taking on the position.


As the club council president, Mannie will be the voice of the clubs to the Associated Students Organization (ASO).


Her main duty is facilitating weekly meetings with club representatives every Monday at 2:30 p.m. in the Great Hall.


“I would like to effectively communicate the with all of the chartered clubs,” Mannie said.


Though her major is undecided, she aspires to become a surgeon. Mannie became an ASO senator Spring 2011, having enrolled at Pierce back in Fall 2009. She was encouraged to become club council president, by members of the ASO executive board.


“During an ASO meeting, I was approached by EJ Tormes (club council president) and Patty Sanchez (ASO vice president),” Mannie said. “Both of these wonderful ladies asked if I would run in the election for club council president,”


Mannie admires her predecessor, Tormes, who has been club council president for two consecutive semesters as well as the ASO clerk.


“Ej is very reliable,” Mannie said. “With so much on her plate, she always makes the time to make flyers for the charterer clubs and responded to my emails.”


Shane Mooney, who also ran unopposed, will once again be the ASO president.


He has only worked with Mannie for a few months but has noticed how dedicated she is.


“I think she will make a great Club Council President,” Mooney said.


One of the things that Mooney would like to accomplish with Mannie is bring the clubs on campus and the ASO closer together.


Mooney is not the only person in office that took notice of Mannie’s dedication. Fernando Aquino, ASO treasurer, has been working with Mannie over the last semester as well.


“She seems very enthusiastic and willing to help out,” Aquino said.


Recently, Mannie has been working on the upcoming Relay For Life, a fundraising event for cancer patients, survivors, and families affected, which will be held April 28 through April 29.


“She has helped a lot in terms of the Relay For Life and fundraising for that,” Aquino said.


As Mannie begins a new chapter in her life at Pierce, Aquino offers some words of encouragement.


“Get a hold of all the clubs and don’t be afraid of being assertive,” he said.


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