Addiction Studies Graduates honor beloved professor

Graduatingstudents from the Pierce College Addiction Studies program gathered in the Great Hall May 4 to receive their diplomas and honor a professor they have all grown to love.


The founder of Pierce College Addiction Studies program Dr. James Crossen attended his last graduation ceremony as a professor this semester.


The ceremony today was dedicated to Dr. Crossen, as he will be retiring along with many other professors in June.


Crossen was presented with a lifetime achievement award by LA city councilmember Richard Alarcon.


Each student greeted Crossen, who is revered by so many of his students, as they left the stage.


After the graduation ceremony Crossen was sat up on the stage by his partner Drew Williams where graduating and former graduate students of the addiction studies program came on stage one by one to speak of their experiences with Dr. Crossen and the department.


“This day really isn’t about me,” said Crossen. “It’s about these graduating students.”


The graduates all lingered after the procession to mingle and speak with the professors they a

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