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Latin American Culture and Literature Club

Celebrating and spreading Latino culture, the Latin American Culture and Literature Club pursues many methods beyond a simple club meeting to unite people interested in their customs.


The Latin American Culture and Literature Club, which usually goes by the Latin American Club, started about three years ago as a literature club from the combined efforts of Luis Enrique Barco and Florencia Orlandoni.


As one of the most active clubs on campus, they host and support events throughout each semester, including Salsa Night and Bohemian Night, which feature local bands, cultural dances, and the works of students in the club.


Andrea Gordillo, the president of the club, has been with the club since it started back in 2009. During her time with the club she helped the club recruit, host events, and start their radio program, “Encuentro Latino.”


Gordillo has been responsible for most of the expansion of the club during the past year, including the most recent addition of their magazine, “Tertulia, which features poems and art pieces from students.


“At first it seemed like too big an idea for a club, but everyone was excited by it,” Gordillo said. “Most students express their ideas artistically, but don’t think themselves as artists. This is their chance to showcase their work.”


Club member Carlo Gutierrez, 21, was introduced to the club three years ago by Gordillo, intrigued by the literary aspect the club was based on, which let him dive into Spanish literature.


“I’ve always been interested in my Latin roots,” Gutierrez said. “We started with [“Don Quixote”], and expanded into culture.”


Vice President Erick Bautista, 21, helped set up Bohemian Night, which took place May 2 in the Great Hall, featured student work, two Bolivian dances, one Peruvian dance, and local bands.


“It’s just a nice way for students to relax,” Bautista said.


The club is currently working on publishing the second edition of the magazine, which is expected to be out by the end of the semester.


The club meets at 3:30 p.m. every Monday in BUS 3203. Currently, the Wednesday meeting is for the literature branch of the club to meet, but meeting times and places vary.


Facbook page link: http://www.facebook.com/search/results.php?q=latin%20american%20culture%20and%20literature%20club&init=quick&tas=0.9299436281848541#!/groups/351499275972/

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