Cabaret features students’ talents

The Philosopher’s Cabaret, hosted by Pierce College’s philosophy club, will showcase a variety of talents from students all throughout the campus in the Great Hall at 5 p.m. on Thursday.


According to co-president of the philosophy club, Robert Hovanisian, the cabaret will consist of art in all of its different forms, including drawings, films, speeches, skits, and much more.


“We just want people to show up and have a good time,” Hovanisian said. “We’re going to have refreshments and water and popcorn. It’s free for everyone to come in and enjoy. Come in and have some popcorn and watch.”


Every year, the Philosopher’s Cabaret chooses a theme that relates to philosophy that should connect the performances to one another in some way, said Hovanisian. This year, the theme is ‘The Logic of the Absurd.’


“People are going to perform skits based on what is absurd in life,” Hovanisian said.


Lauren Padic, the other co-president of the philosophy club, was excited to see performances that expressed absurdity.


“I love the theme,” Padic said. “I’m a big fan of [philosopher] Albert Camus. He’s the one that kind of came up with what the absurd is. [He believed] there is no inherent meaning in life. Everything is based on perspective. It’s absurd in that way.”


This year, James Hermon from the Broadcasting Club will host the event.


Kamyar Taghavi, 20, a business major, was excited to hear that events like the Philosopher’s Cabaret are open for anyone to come and see.


“I am very interested. I like philosophy,” Taghavi said. “I have even considered switching my major to philosophy.”


The Philosopher’s Cabaret is not just for members of the philosophy club, said Hovanisian. Any student interested in showcasing their talent is encouraged to contact the club’s advisor, Dr. Melanie McQuitty, to be included in the event’s program schedule.


According to Padic, a live disc jockey will be performing after the student routines in the Philosopher’s Cabaret.


“It should be a really great cabaret,” Padic said. “I’m really excited.”