Taking a break from summer sports

Pierce College does not plan on hosting any sports or athletic programs over the summer this year, according to Pierce’s athletic director.


“We don’t do anything in the summer,” Bob Lofrano said. “Everything kind of shuts down.”


The absence of sports during the summer is not necessarily bad for the school or its students, said Lofrano.


“Under the current conditions with the budget, I think we’re where we should be,” he said.


Students like Melani Crickett, 22, agree with Lofrano that student sports aren’t a necessary part of campus life.


“I don’t really know if I would do a sport in the summer,” Crickett said. “I’ve never done any sports at Pierce or anything before.”


For the students of Pierce who are looking to continue being physically active on campus over the summer, a few options still exist.


According to the class schedule for summer 2012, one physical education class – men’s volleyball – will be offered. The course lasts for seven weeks.


Students can also attend a strength and conditioning clinic set up by Pierce College’s strength and conditioning coach, Matt Hank. The event will take place on June 23 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and will be hosted by Hank, along with other coaches and fitness instructors from local schools.


The Extension Program, a program that offers non-credit and non-unit classes at Pierce, also offers courses that emphasize exercise and activity, said the Extension Program’s office assistant, Kristina Tetrosyan.


The program offers several sports, recreational activities, structured exercise courses and activities for children.


The Extension Program will also be hosting Open Recreation. At this event, people are welcome to participate in unstructured sports and activities.


“I really would like some motivation to help me get in shape,” Crickett said.

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