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Pierce choir prepares for winter concert

Pierce choir prepares for winter concert
Professor Cathryn Tortell leads the Pierce College Choir through a series lip trills in Music Room 3400 on Monday. The exercises help student vocalists identify and learn to control their diaphragms in preparation for a multi-lingual holiday concert on Dec. 1, 2012. Photo: UD



As the holiday season slowly approaches and people prepare to tune their environments to match the universal mood of celebration, the choir staff at Pierce College anticipates success in their own embellishing of the students’ voices– tuning them up to perform at the upcoming holiday concert.


“We are instruments of peace and music of the season” music professor Cathryn Tortell says as she describes how the concert includes many different backgrounds and religious affiliations.


The holidays are just around the corner and the choir is practicing in class and at home in order to put on a successful show for all who will attend.


The choir prepares in many different ways.


“We do yoga stretches, breathing exercises, 10 to 15 minutes of warm-ups,” Tortell says “…and then dig into the literature right away,”


Choral director Cathryn Tortell (foreground) leads Pierce College Choir members through one of a series of yoga positions in Music Room 3400 on Monday, Sept. 10. The warm-ups are designed to prepare students mentally and physically for the challenges of mastering vocals in several different languages. Photo: UD


All the students in the choir will participate and two or three students will audition to be showcased.


The auditions will be held in three weeks and only a few will be chosen out of the group.


The concert will take place at Pierce College on Dec. 1, 2012 and tickets will be sold ahead of time, according to staff in the music department.


“Music is medicine for the soul,” Tortell says as she welcomes all Pierce students to attend. “It is one art that we all share in this world.”


The Music Department recently submitted paperwork to form a Pierce College Women’s Ensemble Club.


They have also formed a Facebook page which includes updates and pictures of the college choir.


If any students are interested in joining the college choir next semester, the Music Department loves to see new faces and encourages students to try it out.


“Go for it,” Tortell says. “Students have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”


The music department welcomes all students to enjoy the concert and all other upcoming performing arts events.


“We are looking forward to seeing new students join the choir and putting on a great show to represent our college” Tortell says.


For more on the music department, visit www.theroundupnews.com.





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