Finding food on campus

Grumble. Grumble. Growl.


It is that time of the day. The sun is shining up above your head and the your stomach is rumbling down below. It is lunch time at Pierce College and you are wondering where you should eat.


Now, for those of you with viable transportation, lunch is not much of an issue. But for those of you like me, stuck on campus with a thin wallet, your options are limited.


On the prowl for lunch time satiation, those unacquainted with campus life at Pierce will be quick to notice an important fact: We lack a cafeteria. This duty has been taken up by numerous food trucks around campus.


I am usually wary of food trucks. The general ambiance of many of these moving munchie mobiles does not scream cleanliness. The term “roach coach” comes to mind.


But Pierce is a bit out of the ordinary in this regard. The trucks themselves seem fairly clean compared to the mid-day meal horror shows I have seen.


T’s Hot Sauce, in particular, is my first choice of truck to head to. With custom hot sauce and tasty meals from burritos to quesadillas, it is hard to go wrong with this campus regular.


The campus food trucks are often a first choice, but not always the best choice. If you do not have $3 or more for your meal, like I often do not, then your best bet is to look towards an alternative.


For the cheaper eaters such as myself, you need not look any further than the Pierce Student Store.


Do not be distracted by the plethora of white and dark chocolates, the sweet and the sour candies, or the vast array of chips, grahams, cookies and jerky. Head straight to the back of the store where you will find the ramen.


Not to sound like the stereotypical college student, but ramen from the Student Store really is my first stop for lunch on campus.


This ramen truly is affordable at under $1.50 and the selection is wide enough to keep your lunches less boring, so long as you do not mind some spicy soups.


So take it from me, support the Pierce Student Store and your stomach by getting yourself a nice spicy kimchi soup.


Of course, you could always buddy up with a classmate and catch a ride to your favorite restaurant as well.