Letter to the editor: Professor urges ASO to stand for bike policy reform

Pierce is a vast 426 acre campus with peripheral parking lots and a spread out central core. We are so large that we have two metro stops and lots of off campus, on street parking. These facts lead to the need to use bikes, scooters, and skateboards to get to the campus core and to transition it. If you have a class in the Village and then need to get to the art building, you know what I mean.

CSUN has much the same geography and it is a bike and skateboard friendly campus. Sadly Pierce is not.

There are many of us faculty, staff and administrators who believe we need to rethink our bike policy and entertain the idea of bike paths both on the campus streets and the mall.

There is a great opportunity for the ASO to exercise their leadership to organize and rally the students to help formulate a workable policy to the benefit of all.


Professor Joseph Perret


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