Women’s volleyball team now 50-0

Pierce College’s women’s volleyball takes their winning streak to 50 straight matches on Wednesday at Bakersfield College.

Pierce swept the sets (25-23, 25-22, 25-17) once again, putting themselves at a 16-0 record in the colleges’ third meeting this season.

The Brahmas have swept 15 of 16 games this season, only losing one set– against Bakersfield– on Sept. 30.

Nabil Mardini, head coach, said the difference in the third meeting of the two teams was in the scouting.

“We had more scouting reports on each other,” Mardini said. “The more information you have, the better the quality of the match [will be].”

Mardini also said the team played well in their 50 match clincher.

“We executed very well,” Mardini said. “I think we managed the game emotionally.”

Though they managed well, the players were not immune to the thought of their fiftieth straight win, according to setter Janelle Futch, who had 31 assists over the three games.

“I started off a little bit shaky– I was nervous,” Futch said. “But I was able to overcome it and got my head more into the game and pulled together for the team.”

For libero Brooke Dawson, captain, the feeling of shakiness was mutual.

“I seemed a little frantic in the first two [games],” Dawson said.

The Brahmas managed to cool their nerves as they played before a raucous home crowd at Bakersfield.

“It was so insane,” said Futch. “There were people all over the gym- behind the court, on both sides of the court.”

Pierce was able to rally through the noise and progressively do better against Bakersfield, allowing less points each set.

“I think we managed it very well,” Dawson said. “I thought we came out really strong and didn’t get complacent.”

Though undefeated, the Brahmas are still working on improving their game, according to Dawson.

“We worked on our opp blocking and just making sure our middles were getting set,” Dawson said. “I thought we did a good job of that, and we definitely did a good job serving.”

Never content to simply win, Mardini’s team is always looking for problems to fix.

“We need to work on our out-of-system plays,” Dawson said.

This drive toward perfection in every aspect of their game is paying off, as their continued success shows.





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