Orange Line’s new extension saves students money

Riding the public transportation system can be a burden for many students who have to take multiple buses to get to their classes on time.


With the Orange Line’s new extension, many students do not have to take several buses to get to the Orange Line itself.


The Orange Line went from North Hollywood to Warner Canter but now is extended for four more miles. The new stations that have been added are Sherman Way, Roscoe Boulevard, Nordhoff Street, and the Chatsworth Station.  


Pierce College student Gabriella Alexa, 20, lives in Canoga Park and takes the bus to school. 

She is very pleased with the new addition to the Orange Line. Alexa said she would have to take two long bus rides but now she only rides the Orange Line from the Roscoe station to Pierce.


“It used to take almost an hour to get to school but now I just walk to the Roscoe station that’s right by my house and take the Orange Line,” said Alexa, “I get to school in less than 20 minutes now.”


Some students prefer to take the new addition to the transit system rather than driving to school.


A Pierce College student, Scott Benson, 23, takes the bus from Chatsworth to Pierce.


“Gas prices are so high right now that I’d rather take the bus,” Benson said, “With this new station that is pretty close to where I live, I don’t really have to drive to school anymore.”


Chris Paiz, 19, who lives in Chatsworth, said he has been waiting for the Orange Line to add an extension for a while now.


“When I saw that they were building this new line along the old train tracks, I was excited,” said Paiz, “I work in North Hollywood too, so I just park my car at the Chatsworth station and go to school and then get back on the “O” line and take it to work in NoHo.”


While riding the metro’s new extension, many students from Pierce seem to be riding it during all hours of the day.


Pierce College students who reside in Chatsworth and along Canoga Avenue can now save some money from the expensive gas prices and get to school on time with the new and improved Orange Line.

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