Female student faints in North Gym classroom

Los Angeles City Fire Department personnel take Andrea Peterson to s waiting ambulance after the student complained after feeling dizzy and nauseous and Deputy Alfred Guerrero alerted paramedics to help her yesterday, Oct. 17. She was taken to Kaiser Permanente in Woodland Hills, Peterson was picked up by the Behavior Science Building at Pierce College in Woodland Hills Calif. Photo: Todd Rosenblatt

Campus police and paramedics responded to the North Gym when an unidentified female student passed out in classroom 5602 around 1:30 p.m. according to officials.


“She fainted,” Deputy Bryan Chavez said.


Chavez was in the sheriff station when they received an emergency call from a student in the class.


“They actually used the blue phone for once in an actual emergency,” Chavez said.


When police arrived, they found the student on the floor, but still breathing in campus.


“The girl was feeling light-headed and basically she passed out,” Chavez said. “They were watching a video in class, I think it was a health class.”


Paramedics and the professor declined to elaborate on the matter.

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