Basketball team to host car wash Saturday

To raise money for new uniforms and equipment the Pierce College Women’s Basketball team had a bake sale on Halloween.


The Brahmas have experienced the effects of budget cuts as have the rest of the Pierce College athletic programs.


According to the leader of the fundraising events, starting center sophomore Kameron Jones the women’s basketball team has lost about $3,000 in funds.


“The fundraising money is going towards the team being able to stay at hotels for tournaments, to pay for food and to buy new uniforms and equipment”, said Jones.


When the Brahmas were hit by budget cuts they did not have any other source of revenue to go to, that was when freshman guard Kiarra Stegall came up with the idea to start having bake sales to raise funds.


Since then their bake sales and other fundraising events, which have been going on for two weeks, have raised $457.


In addition to bake sales, they have sold food at a snack bar that fans can go to during their volleyball games, raising an additional $180.


The Brahmas have even held car washes which have raised a total of $107, but this is a far cry from the $3,000 that the Brahmas are trying to raise.


Even with the shortage of money the Brahmas do have things to smile about, the school has agreed to pay for transportation for games and money for officials. Through the adversity the team itself has never been stronger.



“The fundraisers have helped us grow as a team” Stegall said, ” Not only are we helping generate money for the team but we are becoming stronger people and making a positive impact in our community. By going out and supporting the other teams in and around Pierce not only are we becoming better people, but the people that we have helped will repay us by coming to our games and supporting the team.”


The Brahmas will continue to not only have fundraisers, but they plan on reading books to kids with autism and volunteer at a homeless shelter in the near future, according to Stegall.


Jones, the team captain of the team, has taken her leadership role to a whole new level.


According to Stegall, Jones has been responsible for getting her and her teammates classes and has made sure that they stay on top of their work on and off the court


The Brahmas will continue to do bake sales and other fundraising events from now until the end of the semester even though the season starts on November 15 when they head out to Barstow College for a three day tournament.


The next fundraising event for the women’s basketball team will be on Saturday, November 3 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. where they will be hosting a car wash in front of the South Gym at Pierce College.


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