Lockers still targets in North Gym

Photo: UD

A surge of vandalism has the general populace of Pierce College concerned as criminals seek out easy prey in the form of vulnerable students.


From the early weeks of October up until the beginning of November, sheriff’s personnel have had several reported cases of burglary in the North Gym.


Twelve lockers have been burglarized thus far.


Lockers were being destroyed and their contained valuables– including money and mobile devices– were taken.


Campus law enforcement have responded with a number of brightly colored posters in the North Gym warning of thieves prowling around the premises.


Detectives on the case have been unable to find a suspect, or even a method as to how the lockers were being broken into.


Only recently have they made some headway.

“There has been a break in the case and detectives are following the lead they have,” Deputy Al Guerrero of the Campus Sheriff’s Station said.


Whoever committed the burglaries has been elusive so far, coming into and out of the gym with ease and opening the lockers with gentle precision as to not alert anyone nearby.


These lockers are available for the general population and several students expressed their concerns about the strange people they find prowling around.


“I don’t use the lockers but I see homeless people coming here all the time,” undecided major Stephanie Esquivel said. “I saw some lady in there bathing.”


Law enforcement personnel say they are committed to stopping the crime spree, conducting a patrol in and around the area hoping to catch the vandal off-guard and red-handed.


Faculty members of the physical education department have become more vigilant with coaches and staff periodically looking in the locker areas, scanning for suspicious activity.


The question as to who could be the perpetrator still looms, but the heavily guarded corridors of the North Gym are quiet for the time being.


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