Fight breaks out in the library

Security officers Pedro Pineda and Justin Ramos discuss the incident where this unnamed male struck a female and her male friend repeatedly in the library after a verbal altercation. The man was detained by the officers and taken away in handcuffs. Nov. 27, 2012 Photo: Kristen Aslanian

A fight occurred up in the Library according to campus authorities.

The violence took place around 9:30 a.m. on the second floor of the Library in computer Lab B.

“Three people were involved,” said Officer Jody Clounch, denying to release the names of the people involved.

The parties involved did not want to speak to the Roundup.

Architecture major Susan Mollasalahi was sitting at the computer next to the people involved, and saw the entire ordeal.

It began with a woman accidentally bumping into a man sitting next to her, which led to the two fighting verbally, according to Mollasalahi.

The verbal situation escalated quickly, with the male repeating his warning, according to witnesses.

The male grabbed a cup of coffee the female had brought with her to the computer station and dumped the hot liquid on her, according to Mollasalahi.

“He took her coffee and spilled it at her face,” Mollasalahi said.

Then the confrontation turned to physical violence with the male striking the female twice, according to Mollasalahi.

“I saw him punch her in the face two times,” Mollasalahi said.

A friend of the woman saw the situation unfolding and got involved, at which point he was attacked as well, according to Mollasalah.

The friend was soon on the floor of the library, with the man mounted over him striking him repeatedly.

After pummeling the male student, the attacker then left the library, where he was met by campus law enforcement personnel, who had been contacted about the incident.

An ambulance came to the scene to treat wounds while the attacker was handcuffed for interrogation.

The female and male were both treated for cuts and bruises, and both were given ice to bring down the swelling on their faces.

After the incident, the female had very little to say about what had occurred or why.

“I don’t feel like talking right now,” the woman said, “I have to go to the health center.”

The male who had been battered appeared to be bewildered by the entire event, and commented on the violence.

“I don’t feel well,” said the man.

Attempts by Roundup staff to speak to the detained man were denied by security officers.

Authorities are still investigating the incident.

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