There are options when selling textbooks

Every semester countless students across the country buy textbooks and are left with course material they will no longer use once semesters are over.


As a result, students look to sell back textbooks at prices that uphold their original purchase.


However, most are initially struck with questions regarding the best ways to earn the most profit from used textbooks.


With numerous bookstores and an array of websites offering the best deals for students, the options are endless.


The question remains: should students sell their textbooks to their own schools or to outside companies?


Today, students spend upwards to $100 per textbook and receive less than half the price they paid through buy back policies offered by schools. There in lies a major loophole in selling to one’s college or university.


As a result, students choose not to sell their used textbooks, keeping old editions of material that changes yearly.


Nonetheless, technology offers students another option with online textbook selling.


Websites such as are great for students because the amount they desire for their textbooks is set by them, unlike the buy back system campuses offer in which bookstores set the price they are willing to offer.


The advantage of selling off campus over in school bookstores is receiving more profit for used textbooks. However, not all online textbook selling is successful because of a lack of buyers.


Therefore, students can sell their textbooks to other bookstores around campuses, such as Woodland Textbooks, an off-campus bookstore serving Pierce students onVictory Blvd.


This option is also great for students in that off campus bookstores are cheaper and will pay more for used books as appose to college bookstores.


Alternatively, students have recently sold textbooks on campus as a result of the profit students earn from student to student interaction.


Students make flyers that state book name, price and student contact information and post these flyers throughout campus or on doors of classrooms where specific courses meet.


The benefit of this option is the increased demand of numerous students attempting to purchase required texts. On the contrary, many professors dislike this method and leave notes on doors suggesting students don’t leave flyers.


This method of reselling is also advantages in that there is no middle man and sellers are able to set their price and negotiate with the buyer.


Therefore, posting flyers has both benefits and disadvantages.


As the spring semester looms, students have various ways to re-sell their textbooks through both on and off campus bookstores, online marketing, and self advertising.


With numerous means of selling, students can choose the method that increases their books’ value and earn as much profit used books.


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