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Food at Fab’s for under five

The Bald Eagle Ripper with tatter tots from Fab Dog Resturant, in Reseda, Calif. on Feb., 16, 2013. Photo: Monica Salazar
The Bald Eagle Ripper with tater tots from Fab Dog Resturant, in Reseda, Calif. on Feb. 16, 2013. Photo: Monica Salazar

Fab Hot Dogs, Located at 19417 Victory Blvd, is without question one of the best hot dog restaurants in the valley.

Upon arriving at the restaurant at Loehmann’s Plaza, the parking lot was big and full of spaces to park.

Since the new construction was done, everything looks nice and new, with very visible handicap parking spots.

The service inside is well done, with a perfect greeting each time you walk inside. Your order is be taken by the employee within less than a minute, and quick service means getting your food fast and ready to go.

The Bald Eagle Ripper ($3.95) is amazing and one of the best hot dogs out there.

Made with a fresh bun, deep-fried hot dog, and secret meaty sauce, the Ripper is to die for. With every bite, you can taste the sweet onions mangling through your teeth.

This dish is for you; add relish, pickles, and jalapenos to your Ripper. Guaranteed it will make your taste buds feel good and more appetizing.

Add a drink to your hot dog, like the Mexican Coca-Cola which comes out cool from the fridge.

With other beverages to offer like Yoo-Hoo, Dr. Brown’s soda ($1.95), Orangina ($1.95), and root beer floats ($3.50), there is no wonder why this place is awesome.

Also on the menu is the Double Bacon Cheeseburger ($6.95). Made with fresh bacon, lettuce, tomato, and cheese has great flavor.

With each bite of the burger, the bacon crunches through your whole mouth and will leave your tongue asking for more.

Add a side of fries ($1. 50) and your meal is complete.

Each order of fries comes served in a small, white bag. It is really delicious and the salt really hits the spot, to the point will you will want to keep munching.

So come on down to Fab Hot Dogs and try the amazing menu that they provide. With a location close to Pierce College and affordable prices, what student would not want to come and grab a meal?

Fab Hot Dogs- 19417 Victory Blvd

Hours- 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Phone- (818) 344-4336

Bald Eagle Ripper- $3. 95

Fries- $ 1.50

Root beer- $ 3.50

Dr. Brown’s & Orangina- $ 1. 95


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