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Blog provides transfer and career information

The Career and Transfer Center (CTC) at Pierce College has created a blog to provide students with instant access to tools that can make the transfer process to a four-year-university easier.

Irene Shvarts,  graduate intern with the center, created the blog as another web resource where students can find more information on what the CTC has to offer, according to Sunday Salter, director of the CTC.

“Essentially the blog talks about upcoming events including workshops, when different college representatives come in, and different tips on how to select a college that is right for you,” said Shvarts.

The blog, which is updated weekly, is a quick, easy and accessible way for students to get the information they need on how to transfer, according to Shvarts.

Nonetheless, the CTC has had a hard time to get the news out there for students.

“My main goal right now is to get it out there, because of the budget cuts in paper and the problems with the emails, we haven’t gotten the information out,” said Shvarts.

Another issue that the CTC has on campus is the lack of participation from students.

“Part of our problem on this campus is that students come here to take classes and go home, they don’t come to be a part of the community or even attend workshops,” said Salter. “We have a hard time getting students to come in to attend workshops because its extra time they have to dedicate.”

Mohammad Cazi, a Computer Science major who has attended Pierce for nearly a year and a half, has never gone to the CTC, and did not know the blog existed.

This is the case for many of the students at Pierce, given that from its thousands of enrolled students the blog has only been seen by 400 people.

Pedro Salcedo, an Electrical Engineering major who has attended Pierce since the summer of 2011, was a little more familiar with the center.

“I have heard about the Career and Transfer Center from my personal development class I took my first semester at Pierce, but I have never been to the center myself,” said Salcedo.

The center offers events regularly, they range from workshops to visits from college representatives that help out students with the transfer process and any concerns they might have.

“The Transfer Center helps to be the middle man between the university and the student. It is there to help the student through out the application and transfer process,” said Shvarts.

For more information, visit the blog at http://losangelespiercecollegetransferblog.wordpress.com/

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