Women’s basketball team dominates in last game of season

The Pierce College women’s basketball team dominated the Allan Hancock Bulldogs  with a 71-29 win Saturday.

The game did not disappoint attendees as the Brahmas crushed their opponent from beginning to end.

The lady Brahmas defense made it difficult for the Bulldogs to get any offense going as they held the Bulldogs to 11 points in the first half.

Pierce received big contributions from their center Kameron Jones and small forward Nichelae Henderson, both finished the night with 15 points apiece.

Starting point guard Brooke Kassel, who leads the team in three point shot percent, had the hot hand once again from three point range and finished the night with 14 points on 2-3 shooting from long range.

Heading into half time the Brahmas were leading the Bulldogs by 25 points with the score at 36-11.

The second half  was no different from the first. Pierce’s defense once again shutdown the Bulldogs offense and held them to 18 points.

At the end of the night the Brahmas lead the Bulldogs in all of the box score stats.

The Brahmas hard work payed off and Coach Jim Couch couldn’t be more pleased.

“My expectation was to win and play my sophomores,” Women’s basketball coach Jim Couch said “and we did. We won on about 30 or more and that was pleasing.”

When asked about the Brahmas future Coach Couch said that hopefully the team will make the playoffs, but they will not know until Monday if the team makes it or not.

Starting guard Nedda Cardozo was also pleased with the team’s victory.

“It feels really good. This is our last home game, hopefully we are going to play some more together in the playoffs and do the same kind of game as we did today,” said Cardozo.

Although the Bulldogs did play some defense and caused the Brahmas to end the night with more turnovers their effort wasn’t enough. The Bulldogs were out scored in both halves.

“The opposing team played as we expected. They were more focused on their defense but we knew how to beat it, it was just basic defense, ” said Cardozo. “We just had to keep on running our planes and making our shots.”

The Brahmas may have won their last game of the season, but their future is still uncertain.

Cardozo hopes the Brahmas will make the playoffs.

“I am planning to play in the playoffs. Hopefully we do but we just have to wait and see how everyone else did tonight. And then they will tell us what we will do next,” said Cardozo.

Coach Couch and the team will know by Monday if their season continues or not.