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Pierce Geology Club hosts first hike of the semester

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Geology Physics and Planetary Sciences, Harry Filkorn takes a group of Pierce College Geology Club members for a hike to the Santa Ynez Waterfall Trail in Pacific Palisades on March 2, 2013. Photo: Kristen Aslanian
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Geology Physics and Planetary Sciences, Harry Filkorn takes a group of Pierce College Geology Club members for a hike to the Santa Ynez Waterfall Trail in Topanga on March 2, 2013. Photo: Kristen Aslanian


The sun shined bright Saturday morning in Topanga, Calif. as the Pierce College Geology Club geared up to embark on its first exploratory hike of the of the spring 2013 semester.

This was the first hike to kick off this semester with a full agenda of outdoor events that will give students and faculty members opportunities to learn about the earth through firsthand experiences.

“We want to be really active off-campus as well as on-campus, not be such urbanized valley kids,” geology club president, Brandy Cuellar said. “There’s lots of really cool stuff right in our back yard.”

The group of 10 students and faculty members who gathered together in Topanga State Park to hike the 2-mile trail to the Santa Ynez Waterfall.

Some walked carefully while others were more daring and climbed up the sides of mountains. President Cuellar yelled, “I’m on top of the world!”

During their journey to the waterfall, members had time not only to joke around, but to explore and take time to teach and quiz each other on the things they have been learning inside the classroom.

The hikers were joined by Harry Filkorn, adjunct assistant professor of geology, who was enthusiastic and eager to answer any questions members had as they explored rocks and climbed into caves.

“Harry is a wonderful teacher. If you have any questions, he will take the time to make sure you understand,” Vice President of the Geology Club Jennifer Bautista said. “He is very encouraging.”

Filkorn is one of the original members of the club that formed three years ago.

He as well as other founding members intended to bring people together who are involved or interested in the study of geology by hosting different events like camping and hiking.

Members join for different reasons. Some are geology majors, some are not but had interests in the earth’s mysteries, and some just wanted to join with friends.

They are from many different backgrounds and majors, but come together every Wednesday at 5 p.m. in the Center for Sciences Building in room 92049 to share their interests in the history of the earth.

“I have been part of the club for about three years now. I like to be around people also interested in geology, paleontology, rocks, and minerals,” club member Saul Galvez said.

The club is open to all Pierce students and faculty members interested in learning more about the earth through activity.

For more information about the Geology Club, how to join, and future events, contact Head Adviser and Department of Physics and Planetary Sciences Chair John Zayac at 818-710-2218.




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