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New library offers students space to grow


The new Pierce Library/Learning Crossroads Building may live on a community college campus, but some students say it looks and feels like a university-grade facility.

David Barajas is a 19-year-old marketing major and was a frequent visitor of the old library. After going inside the new facility, he and his pal Patrick Meyers, 19, sat in the shade on pyramid-like seats alongside the brightly tiled stairs that lead to the library’s foyer.

“It’s a lot more clean and organized than the old one,” Barajas said. “After a long day you can just sit there and study and be comfortable.”

Meyers, an economics major, said he liked the all of the space there is to study and the new restrooms.

“I thought it was nice and open,” Meyers said. “The bathrooms were clean. They were nice–actually I think the nicest bathrooms on the campus.”

Tim Hamilton, 19, and Shannelle Ortiz, 20, were tucked away in a cubby halfway around the second floor looking out a large, circular window at the still-closed courtyard.

“It’s nice–spacious. You’ve got the nice view,” Hamilton said. “You’ve got more little cubbies. At the other one, you wouldn’t be able to get your space to study.”

Ortiz was also surprised by the expansive second-floor study areas.

“I thought it was just the open study area, but then I came over here and they had the closed ones which I like–to have my privacy,” she said.

Librarian Lauren Valdes said that during the first two days the library was open, their systems registered more than 4,000 entrances to the library.

With the new couches, tables and views of the inner courtyard and mountains, the library has a relaxed and leisurely feeling, Valdes said.

“Most seem really happy. I think a lot are disappointed they cannot bring their food and coffee in because it’s very lounge-like, but we’re trying to keep it clean,” Valdes said.

The Library’s computers and WiFi access are still buggy at the new facility. So, Business 3220 opened on Friday to serve as the temporary computer lab until the new technology is resolved, the new Library Department’s website reads.

Students like 19-year-old Chris Krupnick are looking forward to the whole experience once the entire library project is complete.

“Our library is going to be in comparison to a university library,” he said. “We’ve got the courtyard going. I heard there is a cafeteria going to be happening. We’ve got a nice setup here.”