Applications that aid in academic success

In the technological world students live in today, applications and programs are a big part of devices whether they be a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet.


Here are six applications for your mobile devices and laptops that aid in academic success.


1. MyHomework


For students who have a little difficulty in organizing their time and doing homework, myHomework app comes in handy. This is a student planner, which helps to organize everyday tasks and creates reminders for students to plan ahead of time.


According to their website: myHomework allows students to track homework, tests, projects and lessons. It also sets reminders for when assignments are due, and allows students to created class schedules to organize time a little better. This application is free of cost, or ads-free for only $1.99.


It is available for Apple, Android and Windows 8.


For more information on myHomework application, or the online store offered by your device.


2. Evernote


An application that helps your productivity, note taking and lets you record voice reminders, Evernote has been rated as one of the top 10 must-have apps by the New York Times.


This application allows you to sync notes across all your devices as well as create and edit text notes, to-dos and task lists, according to the Apple Store. With Evernote you can also save, sync and share files with friends and colleagues via Facebook and Twitter.


This application allows you to keep files in sync between the devices you use, helps you remember the things you like, it also allows you to save your favorite webpages.


Evernote is free to download and use, but you can also add premium features which make this great app even more helpful to your needs according to the Apple Store.


It is available for any mobile device, and any computer software for a low price.


For more information on Evernote visit the application store on your device or visit their website:


3. iFormulas


Many students have a hard time dealing with mathematics, even a harder time learning formulas. Well there is an application that can help you cope a little better called iFormulas.


iFormulas is a clean, easy and simple to use mathematical formula application, according to the application creator’s website.


It students with tools that help them survive algebra, calculus, chemistry, geometry, or trigonometry class, according to the designer’s website.


This application is available to download at the Apple Store for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


For more information visit:


4. Scrivener


For those writers or students taking English classes, an application that can help you research, write and organize essays better Scrivener comes to the rescue.


Scrivener is a powerful content-generation tool that allows students to concentrate on writing and structuring long and difficult documents, according to the website.


Scriveners features include project templates, interactive tutorial programs, scriptwriting mode. It also allows you to import research, and the application has an auto save and backup among other cool features.


Scrivener doesn’t come cheap unfornately, it costs $44.99 on the Apple Store, and is available for Mac or Windows.


For more information on the application visit:


5. Study Blue


For the students out there who like and learn better with visual aids and flashcards, Study Blue offers a variety of features to help you learn better and faster.


This application exists to make studying efficient and effective for every student for free, according to the Apple store.


It allows you to flip flashcards online and re-study concepts that students have yet to master using study filters, according to the Apple Store.


Among Study Blue’s features are flashcards, stats studies, reminders, and a study saver.


Students can download this app in the Itunes App Store, Android Market and Amazon App Store.


For more information visit their website:


6. Symbolic Calculator


Let’s be honest, one of these days students will be allowed to use smartphones as calculators, and we are all waiting for that precious day.


When that happens, why pay hundreds of dollars for scientific calculators when you can install Symbolic Calculator into your phone?


This is the perfect math application, with full-featured algebra capabilities on par with high-end scientific calculators, ideal for high-school or college students, engineers or anyone dealing with math, according to their website.


The features included in Symbolic Calculator are exact arithmetic, extensive algebra and calculus capabilities, formulas displayed, unlimited number of variables and plotting according to the Apple store.


The application is available for $1.99 on the Apple store, and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.


For more information visit: