District searches for new chancellor

The Los Angeles Community College District is in the “early stages of preparing to move forward” with seeking a new chancellor, according to an email circulated by the board of trustees president.

The board of trustees is working hand-in-hand for the search with the Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT), which aims to “strengthen community college governance through education, advocacy and service,” trustee President Steve Veres said in the email.

Additionally, the board will be providing regular reports on the search process through the district website, which will be updated within the next couple of weeks, according to the email.

In line with this, the ACCT Search Team will be hosting public open forums at each of the colleges in the district to get feedback on the profile for the next chancellor.

“The Board is committed to conducting an open, transparent, and equitable national search as we seek the next leader for our District,” according to the email.

The new chancellor will be replacing Daniel LaVista, who began his term onĀ August 1, 2010.