UCLA admits less transfer students for fall 2013 semester

There has been a significant reduction in the acceptance rate of California community college transfer students for fall 2013 for University of California, Los Angeles.

This year, the university only offered admission to about 2,500 transfer students from California when they normally admit around 2,800, which is nearly an 11 percent decrease compared to prior years, according to officials.

“The UCs have been notifying all of our students about admission offers. I’m sure you’ve been seeing some tears–of joy, I hope,” Director of Transfer Center Sunday Salter said during an Academic Senate meeting on Monday, May 6. “It was a tough year to get into UCLA.”

UCLA is one of the the top institutions that Pierce students transfer to after completing their general education requirements. Salter explained that the reductions were not a tactic, but that the incoming junior class at the university was simply too large.

“The UCLA transfer woman who reads the applications at UCLA said she was in tears when she was going through all of the appeals, and she had so few that she could let in but so many who deserved it,” Professor of English Richard Follett said.

For students who were not accepted into the university for the fall semester, there are many resources that the Pierce College Transfer Center offers to aid students in getting to the next level of their college careers.

The Transfer Center hosts various workshops that help students with their applications, with writing personal statements, and even workshops for students that were not accepted and want to know what their options are.

The Center of Academic Success also works closely with the Transfer Center to help students reach their academic goals so they have quality work that makes them acceptable to competitive universities.

“We will continue to offer tutoring the areas of English and math, and in addition to that we will focus on the gatekeeper courses,” Center for Academic Success Director Crystal Kiekel said. “The gatekeeper courses are the high enrollment, high fail courses.”

In addition, the Transfer Center also hosts events, like the UCLA/CSUN transfer fair earlier in the month, where representatives come and educate students on course requirements, acceptable grade point averages, major prerequisites and major curriculums.

Students who were not accepted into the college or colleges or their choice were encouraged by board members to not be discouraged, but to instead use some of the many resources that Pierce has to offer.

“If you have a student who’s concerned about this or having issues with their admission, or they were denied and they thought they should’ve been admitted, have them see me or they can email me.” Salter said.