New administrator begins term

The newly-elected vice president of Student Services began his term Friday, Nov. 1.

Earic Peters finished his term as an associate dean at Los Angeles City College and arrived at Pierce for the first day of his new job.

David Follosco, a longtime staff member and a current dean of Student Services, was holding the reigns as acting vice president while Peters finished work at LA City College.  Follosco has worked at Pierce for the past seven years, as well as holding various positions across five total campuses in the valley.

“I’ve done the position before,” Follosco said. “There was a period that I did it for about a year as an acting position.”

The vice president of Student Services is in charge of problem solving and organization of all student services, as well as budget decisions and planning for the future of Pierce in relation to student services. Student Services also deals with emergencies on campus, making sure students are safe and taken care of.

“We want to be able to support students when they’re coming into the campus so you don’t really think about it,” Follosco said. “I look forward to working with Mr. Peters.”