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Farm Center celebrates Christmas

In the spirit of the seasonal festivities, the Pierce College Farm Center is hosting its annual “Santa’s Magical Wonderland” event until Dec. 23.

The event is filled with timeless holiday traditions, including choosing from a wide variety of Christmas trees, hayrides and pictures with Santa Claus himself.

Robert McBroom, director of the Farm Center, has been working on the event since the Halloween Harvest Festival ended on Nov. 3.

“It’s transforming from scary to merry. We go right off into Christmas after Halloween,” McBroom said. “There will be over 800 trees, all different types and sizes.”

McBroom went onto say that the event was not so much revolved around the trees but more of bringing people from the community together. The program is “one of the last traditional Christmas experiences in the Valley,” he said.

“The Farm Center at Pierce College is trying to keep up the tradition of going out with the family to purchase Christmas trees while absorbing the experience of the holidays,” McBroom said. “It brings the community closer together. It’s never about Robert McBroom, but the duty we owe to the community.”

Frankie Paglianti, cashier at the Farm Center Market, was eager for the upcoming activities while preparing the centers for one of their biggest events of the year.

“It’s like a winter wonderland,” Paglianti said. “If you buy a tree over five feet, you get a picture with Santa and a free hayride.”

Factor Funes, a Farm Center employee who deals with manual labor, was also excited for the possibility of another busy season.

“I like the festivities, especially working with the trees,” Funes said. “It is hard work setting up everything for this event, but it’s worth it in the end.”

The event also features hot chocolate and popcorn vendors, carousel rides, the special seasonal offerings like the Christmas tree sales and a “Family Entertainment Package” that includes most of the services offered at the event for the price $26.00.

After “Santa’s Magical Wonderland” ends, the next event for the Farm Center will be its annual Easter weekend celebration.


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