Pierce College Vice President moves on to new role at College of the Desert

There is an unusual calm on the Pierce College Campus until the elevator doors opened to the Student Services Building, 3rd floor patio/staff lounge that is filled with lively chatter and festive decorations that don the walls and tables, Thursday Jan. 9.

The celebration is for Vice President of Academic Affairs/ Accreditation Liaison, Anna Davies who is taking on the role of the Executive Vice President of Student Success and Student Learning at the College of the Desert in Palm Desert, Calif.

Over 50 faculty and staff members congregated to congratulate and give Davies their best wishes.

“Because of the timing, most of my work was around accreditation,”  Davies said when asked about her greatest contribution during her tenure at Pierce. “Working on that and with everyone, faculty and staff.”

Fellow faculty/staff member and Public Relations Manager, Doreen Clay described Davies as one of the sharpest and strongest leaders Pierce has ever had.

“She is creative, calm in a storm and a woman of action. I will miss her and it is a loss to Pierce College,” Clay said.

As chocolate and vanilla cakes, that read, ‘Congratulations Anna’ are devoured, the time came for a small presentation from Athletic Director, Bob Lofrano.

“Anna is a very outstanding supporter of athletics,” Lofrano said. “She coached softball, she knows the struggles of athletics.”

Lofrano reaches into a bag and pulled out a cap reading Pierce. Next came a Pierce volleyball sweatshirt, a Pierce tee shirt and a Pierce football jersey with the number 11 on it.

“I cleaned my locker out,” Lofrano said as he continued, to pull out a Pierce soccer jersey, volleyball shirt and football tee.

Teary-eyed, Davies merely said. ”I really loved being here. Thank you.”