Student photography displayed at A+D Museum

Student photography displayed at A+D Museum

A photography and design exhibition featuring work by Pierce College students opened Saturday Feb. 1 in the Architecture and Design museum in Los Angeles.

Similar exhibits previously at Pierce and the Getty are working with photography and architecture students from across the Los Angeles area to put on shows displaying a multimedia case study of Los Angeles.

Students from College of the Canyons, East Los Angeles College, Santa Monica College and University of Southern California will have their work displayed at the A+D museum until Friday, Feb. 14.

“I’m really thankful to be able to work with the Getty and to have the opportunity to utilize this beautiful space,” said Sergio Zaragoza, a photography major at College of the Canyons.

One of the attendees of the exhibition, Mark Daybell, a teacher of graphic and multimedia design and photography at College of the Canyons, came to enjoy the art and show support for some of his former students.

“Their  work includes everything from documentarian or straight photography to collages with digitally manipulated effects,” Daybell said.

The students were given basic guidelines to base their projects around, such as Santa Monica graduate Octavia Osby who was asked to base the concept of her project around the Santa Monica area.

Osby attempted to convey the California dream with a walking panorama of the beach houses along Palisades Beach Road, consisting of 37 separate photos stitched together in Photoshop which took her “months and hours of Photoshopping all of the photos together”.

“I wanted to bring something that was powerful and just a little bit out of the ordinary,” Osby said. “I was trying to capture the real California lifestyle, you know this is what people move here for, these beachfront homes.”