Falafels flying fast off the truck

Variety has hit Pierce College once again, this time in the form of a new food truck located on the mall by the campus library.

For the first time, a food truck serving middle-eastern cuisine has become a sensation in just two weeks of opening its mobile kitchen to the student body.

Owner of the Falafelicious food truck, Ofir Bass, explained that they’re here to stay for a while, keeping the much-needed variety on campus.

“This is our first semester,” Bass said. “We are under contract to be here for one year.”

Falafelicious started as a restaurant in Northridge late 2011, and had responded to the catering orders of over two hundred hugry people for Pierce faculty.

“At first we just did catering for the science building, the English department, and others,” Bass said. “And we just became a success.”

Students seem to flock to the truck, taking advantage of the new variety for their taste buds and prices that match the other food trucks on campus at $5.

“The other day we sold out of food,” Bass said. “We sell the food to students at half price then what it really is at the restaurant.”

The truck has yet to make a presence at other campuses, making Pierce College it’s only mobile venue other than their restaurant for the time being.

“My partner Linda Clumeck and I would love to expand and have a food truck on every campus,” Bass said.

Yanir Regev, a student at Pierce, is one of many who have taken to the new food truck on campus.

“This place is delicious,” Regev said. “Straight from Israel, great for vegans.”

Falafelicious serves a variety of food alongside their falafels, including lemon chicken breast and other foods.

According to Bass, all the food is healthy and freshly cooked. He stated that the food does not only represent Israel but shared common recipes from the Mediterranean and Middle East.

“I feel like I’m in school again,” Bass said, commenting on the welcome the truck received in their first couple weeks.