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Restrooms grant anything but relief


Another typical day passes by at college, and while the professor is droning on about the endoplasmic reticulum someone in class inevitably can only think about the incessant, distracting urge to scurry to the restroom.

Class finally ends and students make their way to the door, but one leaps out of their seat, walking as fast as possible, without looking ridiculous, to the nearest restroom.

Arriving to hover over the porcelain throne because of a lack of seatcovers, waves of relief wash over, and as a hand reaches for the toilet paper, fingers grasp into the air at nothing. Because there isn’t any toilet paper. There isn’t even any soap, paper towels, or mirrors.

It’s a case of poorly maintained restroom facilities, and for the student captive in the paperless stall, all hope is lost. At Pierce College, this is a frequent occurrence. Not only is there a lack of toiletries, but overall maintenance can’t keep up with the needs of the student body.

People want to spent time in the restroom without the worry of being unprotected from a toilet seat that is writhing with millions of worm-like bacteria. Students don’t want to be confronted with overflowing trash cans, clogged toilets and a lack of paper towels. It’s a major inconvenience to the students when the campus restrooms are lacking essentials.

There are several resolutions one may contrive to the matter of unkempt restrooms, but some can be put in place immediately to help alleviate the issues students face.

The campus must implement new maintenance schedules to replace the paper towels, toilet paper, seat covers and soap which properly accommodate student needs. Scheduling staff to maintain these facilities more often would surely improve the appearance and functionality of the restrooms.

The students have a responsibility to aid the school in the upkeep and cleanliness of the campus restrooms, because really, the students are the ones who use them the most.  People should flush the toilet and throw away their trash in the respective trash cans.  This includes paper towels, toilet paper and toilet seat covers. Together we can make a difference, even if it is as small as contributing to the cleanliness of our beloved campus restrooms, but ultimately the facilities themselves need to be well maintained by the college.